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Real Men Wear Pink

Posted by Michael Malekzadeh

Michael MalekzadehFirst and Foremost, thank you for being one of the first to visit ZadehKicks.com ( a long time in the making). We have been around for years, but finally here and live on our own site, ready to bring you the latest kicks and new customs never seen before. Stay tuned, as the site is in its infancy and will be updated daily and lots more to come in the coming months (you will definitely like what you see that is a promise). Happy Holidays from ZadehKicks.

Haters be hatin’.  And with social media at it’s peak, haters have become more verbal and confident with their negativity than ever before.  Without the threat of being face to face, with their location unmarked and undisclosed, people have become more confrontational, to the point of bullying, simply because “they can”.  Is it the thrill of the argument?  Is it little man syndrome; putting people down to make themselves feel bigger?  Whatever it is, the rude and disrespectful comments have gotten out of control, to the point people may feel uncomfortable expressing themselves how they truly wish, in fear of being torn down.  Some might feel that the best way to express themselves without all the hate is to follow the trends.  “If it’s cool, if everyone’s wearing it, then I can, and no one will point me out.  No one will hate on me.”  Think again.  If you follow the crowd, wearing the coolest trends, be fearful of being targeted as a “hypebeast”.  God forbid you wear what you want.  If you wear what everyone else wears, you are targeted.  If you wear something outside of the box, you are targeted.  The fact is, there’s not much we can do about the haters.  People have the right to think what they want, and they have the right to say what they think.  But we shouldn’t let that discern what we wear or how we represent ourselves.  What we wear is the world’s first view of who we are.  If you love pink, wear it.  Rock it.  Don’t worry about the haters.  They’re going to hate regardless of what we wear, so we might as well give them something to talk about.  So man up, and put it on.  Be you to your fullest.  And after all this you still think I am referring only to the color, read it again! Because real men wear pink.


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