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Yeezy 3 No More

Posted by Michael Malekzadeh
If you thought getting your hands on a pair of the Air Yeezy II “Red Octobers” was going to be difficult before, multiply that now by (fill in the blank).  With the Air Yeezy II now finishing out the Yeezy family, the demand for the “Red Octobers” is bound to be one of the most sought after, difficult to get your hands on sneakers of the decade.  With Kanye leaving Nike due to unmet financial demands, stating that Nike wasn’t allowing Kanye to provide for his family the way he needed, the Yeezy family line has officially come to an end.  

The sneaker community has been torn over this controversial decision by Kanye.  Many have felt the Yeezy was Nike’s best sneaker.  Other’s felt the shoe was blown well out of proportion, made popular and high demand simply because of the ties to Kanye and the sneaker giant, Nike.  Many sneaker brands are choosing to go the route Nike has long followed by selecting famous celebrities and athletes to become the face of a limited release shoe.  However, the competition with Nike has been insignificant.  By making the move to Adidas, Kanye may be upping the ante that Nike has long since dismissed.  With Nike being the leader in the industry for many years now, the drive to design for the average consumer, hasn’t been on the design powerhouse’s mind for a long time, making new releases and styles more about the bottom line.  With the new collaboration between Adidas and Kanye, Nike might find their competition growing, forcing them to go all in (not a bad thing at all).

Will this new union create the competition Nike has been lacking all this time?  Will Adidas be able to pull off a shoe as successful at the hands of ‘Ye?  Will Kanye, with the help of Adidas, become “bigger than Walmart”? Time will tell.

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