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Product Image Custom Nike Air Jordan Retro 3 Powder Blue 136064-406 Size 10.5

Custom Nike Air Jordan Retro 3 Powder Blue 136064-406 Size 10.5


Part of our FIRE SALE product

Take advantage of our Fire Sale to get great deals on hot shoes.

All Fire Sale product was in an actual fire at our main warehouse, October of 2014. Nothing listed is unwearable in any way or actually caught on fire with the over 90% of items only being damaged from smoke smell and not fire or water

All items will have pictures of any defects caused by fire or issues and be rated from 1-5, with 1 being no real fire smell (and likely could sell without saying anything about fire but we here want to be upfront and honest), and 5 being a very strong fire smell.

Fire/Smoke Smell Rating
1 - No or very minimal smell of smoke
3 - Minor but some smoke smell, very minor damage if any at all
5- Strong smell of smoke, some damage - 100% wearable, but still can smell smoke from close (no shoes un wearable will be for sale)

Item Name: Custom Nike Air Jordan Retro 3 Powder Blue
Condition: New with box - no visible damage (near finished custom from base powder blue - the outsole is not entirely sealed, so might wear, but overall dope
Fire Smell Rating: 1


Please note all sales are final, and will be no returns or exchanges. All items are 100% authentic! All pictures listed are of the actual shoe now and current photos. Item box may or may no be dusty with some ash on it. But minimal if any. Not shoes will have actual ash on them.

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