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BFG Details

Black Friday Cyber Monday is here, and so is our Super Sale. But not just that, we want to give back and giveaway not 1, not 2, but 75 items!

Yes, you read that right, 75 items will be given away to customers who purchase during this amazing 4 day sale period. We have never done anything like this, but what better time to do so.


All orders from 11/26 to 11/29/2021 at 11:59 pm PT that are over $100 excluding shipping (if an international order there is a shipping cost) will be valid to potentially win.

Please note that any winners who have an international address (outside the US) will have to pay a $40 shipping charge for the item they select (excluding the store credit of course since no need to ship). US buyers will be shipped their giveaway item for free.

Please read below if you wish to have a better idea of how this giveaway will work and how to have a chance to win 1 (and maybe more) of the following items.

There are 4 Top Items.

- Jordan Retro 1 Low DIOR size 8

- Jordan Retro 4 Women's Off-White Sail size 9.5W (8)

-Nike Air Force 1 Off-White Lemonade size 8

-$1,000 site store credit (can be used on anything at any time)

The 4 top items will be handled differently than the other 71 items.

Each top item will be associated with orders from one of the days during the sale period.
Example, those that made an order on Friday will be valid to win the Diors. Those who made an order on Saturday, the Af1s, etc.

Now we are NOT announcing which of the 4 items is associated with which day. The above was just for example purposes. We will draw one single order from Friday to win the item associated with that day, one from Saturday for that particular item, and so on, for the 4 total days of the sale.

Now what about the other 71 items?

We will do a drawing and pick 71 order numbers. The first to be selected will get the first pick of which of the 71 items they want. The second pick will pick which of the 70 items left they want, and so forth until the last person to be drawn (71) will get the last available item. We will around Christmas time pick all 71 (and the 4 top pick winners) at the same time, but notify one winner at a time of the 71.

So right away once they are all drawn, the 4 top pick winners will be notified, plus the first of the 71.

The first of the 71 will view the BFG page with al the items to choose from and be able to pick one of any of the available 71 items. They will have 12 hours to respond to the email (but please try sooner if you can) with what item they choose. Sorry, that is the max time we can allow as if we wait too long, this could take wayyyyy too long to get to all 71 people and what they want.

Once you get the $0 purchase link, you will have 24 hours to submit the order, no longer.

If you do not respond in time, or pay in time the next person selected will get your number to pick and another person will get the 71st slot for the last pick.

As winners select items, the titles of the items on the BFG page will change from: (AVAILABLE) to (GONE). This is because all the items will officially say sold out for website purposes.

That means you cannot select that item and you must pick one that still says available. Thus why we can only notify one winner at a time so you know what items have not been selected yet by those that won prior.

Now, can you be selected to win more than 1 time? Yes, BUT we made it a bit more complicated than that of course haha.

The 4 Top pick winners must all be DIFFERENT people. So no one can win more than one of those. Then the 4 Top Pick Winners cannot win the first 10 selected slots of the 71. If one of their orders are drawn (this would only be possible if they placed more than one order as one order can only be selected one time) in the first 10 of the 71, it will be dismissed and another selected.

If they are say selected as number 11 of 71 lets say, then that is valid and they will get the 11th pick. Now could they in theory win a third time? Yes, though the chances of it are small. But they would then have to be selected at least 10 slots later from the one they just were selected for. So if someone was selected as slot 14, they must be selected for slot 24 or later to be able to win more than one slot.

This goes for not just top pick winners, but all of the 71 as well. So yes, the more orders you place, the more chances you will have to win one time, or more times. Though with so many slots, and these rules of 10, this should balance the chances of giving better odds to those that order a lot, but also more likely we will have many winners (and likely 75 different winners) which is what we overall want to do. Give back to as many as we can.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays

 *Please note all items are new with original packaging, etc. But some have damaged boxes (most do not).

**Please excuse the horrible pictures, but was at the warehouse very very late Thanksgiving eve night putting this together. All items pictured are the exact item up for giveaway.


***This Dior being given away is NOT part of the Dior giveaway mentioned prior and to qualify for it had to have purchased during the prior sale we indicated via IG. So yes, we are giving away two pairs of Dior AJ1s. This other one will be done at a later time.

Special link goes out Monday for $0 entry (entitled to one total $0 entry per person)