*Shipping & Logistical UPDATE* We are currently backed up on emails and shipments. This is due to the current COVID-19 environment, incoming delays, and our very large order and processing volume. Please allow up to an additional 6 business days for in stock items to ship and an additional 35 business days for pre orders (over the listed/communicated time). We apologize for the inconvenience and have many changes and upgrades in the works to mitigate these delays soon. Thank you so much for your patience. ZK

Bonus Emails

What are Bonus Items?

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Bonus Items are preorders that tend to be limited in nature, very good pricing, and only sent out via links from our email newsletter. Things to keep in mind regarding these preorders.

-They have limited quantity and usually sell very fast. That does not necessarily mean they are entirely sold out. Just means the quantity for this specific email is sold out.

-Preorders often start as a bonus item, and sometimes after end up on the regular preorder section on the website. More limited items, or very hot items often stay as only a bonus item (thus you may never see them on the website preorder section).

-The earlier the better to cop a bonus listing. They start at the lowest price, and often steadily rise as they are offered later on in different emails. Due to this though, they tend to sell very very fast in the early stages of the item being offered. It does not mean there is no hope, and you if want can likely cop at a later time and the pricing is usually still very good.

-Bonus always exclude all discount codes. They are the best pricing offered at that time.

-Make sure you are signed up for our email newsletter for a chance to cop, and have our email setup so able to view the second you receive. *Please keep in mind your email account, server, location, and the specific day all play a part on when you receive the email. Thus you may receive the email at a later time than some others and thus have a huge disadvantage at copping that day. The good news it seems to vary by day and though one day you may get a bit later than some others, the next you may earlier.

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