*Shipping & Logistical UPDATE* We are currently backed up on emails and shipments. This is due to the current COVID-19 environment, incoming delays, and our very large order and processing volume. Please allow up to an additional 6 business days for in stock items to ship and an additional 35 business days for pre orders (over the listed/communicated time). We apologize for the inconvenience and have many changes and upgrades in the works to mitigate these delays soon. Thank you so much for your patience. ZK

Bulk Sales

NOTE - Still as of 8/31/21, bulk requests and sales are high for us. Please bear with us as we try to get to everyone's requests and emails on bulk. We will work to accommodate as many bulk requests as we can, but please be aware with the current extremely high volume not all will be and some items will sell out in bulk prior to a response.


Yes, we sell bulk. A question we are asked often now.

Some things to please keep in mind first and make sure you read ALL of this prior to emailing us about bulk pre orders.


All bulk pre orders are case by case and on a first come first served basis. There are no holds, rainchecks, or price/quantity guarantees until the deal is paid for in full. We work with a lot of regular bulk buyers now, and receive new buyer emails daily at this point. So please keep in mind, bulk pre order requests are not necessarily responded to in the order received. We often complete deals with our regular buyers first and when time permits try to get to as many emails as we can.

Why do we do this? For full transparency, it is primarily a time thing. Once a relationship is established and the process is known, those deals tend to go very fast and efficient, while new buyers who are not familiar with the process, or maybe looking into future buys but do not have the funds can take a while or result in no purchases (or constant price negotiating which we do not do). This is entirely ok, but  for that reason we tend to work with our large group of regular buyers first. Now that does NOT mean you cannot also be that, and does not mean you have to buy enormous quantities to do so. It is more so based on speed, reliability of buyer paying, etc.


Payment must be made via PayPal once you receive your invoice from the website within 24 hours. The only other form of payment we may accept is wire, and that is only for deals over $10k and of which we must approve prior to sending the invoice(s).


What items do we offer for bulk pre orders?

We do NOT take requests. The only items that "may" be available for bulk are

1) Items in our pre order section that are still available


2) Select items in our bonus emails (newsletter)



Once you see an item (s) that may be available and you are interested in (and payment ready for), please email us with that item, the quantity ranges you are interested in, and sizes.

Some items are priced at a set price no matter size, but those items are often requiring an equal spread in sizes from 8-13. For example, GR Jordan's like a Holiday XI will have a set price for that quantity, but you cannot pick and choose the size per quantity. That doe not mean we cannot change that spread, but it will almost certainly change the price, so let us know that before hand. Receiving an invoice for a 8-13 equal spread does not mean you will receive that exact size breakdown. Items that are the same price for each size will be shipped as we so choose, but you will receive at least some of each size.


Bonus email items are typically not a set price for all sizes, and range by size. It is important to read the item description of the bonus item as they often have notes in the description referring to bulk eligibility. Some may say "No Bulk" of which bulk is likely not going to be offered. Other items may say No Bulk until after (date filled in). It is important that if there is a date listed that you do NOT email prior to that date. Sorry, we delete all emails inquiring about an item prior to the listed time availability. So you would need to email after that date or you likely will never hear back on the item.

Minimum quantities vary by item, but we NEVER have minimums under 10 pairs, and typically the minimum size range is 5 sizes. Some items like GR Jordans may have much higher minimums of 30 or 50 pairs plus, etc.


 When we send you pricing based off your request, please keep in mind that is current pricing only and it could change at any point. Sometimes pricing may not change for weeks, or could change in only hours. Pricing is NOT guaranteed until we send you a purchase link. And that purchase link is due within 24 hours. After that point we will likely delete the payment link and you will no longer be able to attempt bulk purchases with us if not paid on time.


Shipping typically remains the same as the listed time, and in some occasions even longer to complete large orders or large releases. There is no special treatment for bulk buyers over individual buyers and items are never shipped early. Bulk shipments tend to be shipped in stages over a longer period of time (since we have many large buyers to avoid any one bulk buyer waiting the longest) instead of all at once.


Once you are ready, feel free to email us at Zadehkicks@gmail.com with your detailed request.