*Shipping & Logistical UPDATE* We are currently backed up on emails and shipments. This is due to the current COVID-19 environment, incoming delays, and our very large order and processing volume. Please allow up to an additional 6 business days for in stock items to ship and an additional 35 business days for pre orders (over the listed/communicated time). We apologize for the inconvenience and have many changes and upgrades in the works to mitigate these delays soon. Thank you so much for your patience. ZK

NYP Details

New Years 2022 is here, and so is our amazing sale and even better promotions. We are not only going to give away dope kicks, but crazy gift cards for purchases as well.

View the email newsletter sent out for the details regarding how to earn free gift cards.

20 items will be given away to customers who purchase during this amazing 2 day sale period.


All orders from 1/1/22 to 1/3/22 at 11:59 am PT that are over $100 excluding shipping (if an international order there is a shipping cost) will be valid to potentially win.

Please note that any winners who have an international address (outside the US) will have to pay a $40 shipping charge for the item they select (excluding the store credit of course since no need to ship). US buyers will be shipped their giveaway item for free.

Please read below if you wish to have a better idea of how this giveaway will work and how to have a chance to win 1 of the following items.

We will do a drawing and pick 20 order numbers. The first to be selected will get the first pick of which of the 20 items they want. The second pick will pick which of the 19 items left they want, and so forth until the last person to be drawn (20) will get the last available item.

The first of the 20 will view the NYP page with all the items to choose from and be able to pick one of any of the available 20 items. They will have 12 hours to respond to the email (but please try sooner if you can) with what item they choose.

Once you get the $0 purchase link, you will have 24 hours to submit the order, no longer.

If you do not respond in time, or pay in time the next person selected will get your number to pick and another person will get the 20th slot for the last pick.

As winners select items, the titles of the items on the NYP page will change from: (AVAILABLE) to (GONE). This is because all the items will officially say sold out for website purposes.

That means you cannot select that item and you must pick one that still says available. Thus why we can only notify one winner at a time so you know what items have not been selected yet by those that won prior **note we may notify two people at a time to try and speak up the selection process.

Now, can you be selected to win more than 1 time? No, not on this particular promo.

We will draw the 20 winners during the first week of February 2022 and begin emailing the winners then.

Good Luck

 *Please note all items are new with original packaging, etc. But some have damaged boxes (most do not).

**Please excuse the horrible pictures, time was limited

***Entry in mail in form details are in the newsletter