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First and foremost, as with all items, they are 100% authentic, new in original box.
Second, please be aware if an item title states “(NO Codes)”, that means you cannot use any codes on that item at all, NO exceptions. If you use a discount code of any kind on an item that says that in title at the time of purchase, even if we do not notice right away, your order is void and we can refund it at any time, even if after release in which may be the time we catch the issue. If you placed your order prior to "NO Codes" being added to title then you are ok and there is no issue with your order if used a code. Your order confirmation email will have the original title of the item. If it says no codes please make sure no discounts were used of any kind.
Pre orders typically ship 1-2 weeks after release. Please view the original item you purchased for more details if any in regards to shipping time. But count on your pre order item shipping after release, 1-2 weeks after. Sometimes if we are caught up enough they may ship sooner, but our goal is to always ship items on time thus why the extra time listed to ship so we never ship items late. When an item is being prepared to ship, the tracking number will be emailed to you via Zadeh Kicks to the original email you placed the order with. Please allow 1-2 business days for USPS to show status.
All pre orders and items have a cancellation fee listed. Please see the item for specific percent of the cancellation fee. If percent is not listed it is then 15%. Otherwise it can range from 20% to 40%. Thus if you order a pre order please be sure and willing to wait for item to release. There will always be a cancellation fee if you request refund except for only one scenario. The release is completely cancelled thus we cannot fulfill the order. See below for details.
Pre Orders are 100% guaranteed. There are only two exceptions in which a pre order would not be and we would have to refund (in which that then becomes on the brand and is not subject to a cancellation fee due to not your request). One, is if the release is completely cancelled with no foreseeable planned release of any kind. This does not mean if a release is delayed or keeps getting pushed back by the brand. That is NOT considered the release being cancelled and would still be subject to a cancellation fee. For example, the Jordan Retro 12 Cherry’s were supposed to release in 2016. They got pushed back to end of 2016, then early 2017, and now later in 2017. But are releasing and we are not subject to a brand pushing back a release date; thus if cancellation requested will be subject to fee.
Two, the other scenario where a pre order is not guaranteed is if say a brand completely changes the release method in which the item becomes unobtainable sadly. We work with stores and suppliers and say if the brand (i.e. Jordan, Adidas) change the release in which a manner makes it impossible to get, it obviously is not and we will likely end up having to send you a full refund. Example, if we pre ordered Nike Yeezy 2 Red Octobers a few years ago (we did not but just an example), this would have been a scenario where the pre order would have had to be cancelled since Nike ended up only releasing them on Nike.com and cancelled all stores releases of the shoe. The same would hold true if say Adidas changed the planned release and only released the shoe on Adidas.com or Adidas stores, as then obviously the shoe would have become unobtainable due to the brand altering of the release. If we ever have any word of something like this being possible, we will not post the item for pre order. Example though requested by many, we did not offer a pre order the Adidas Bape NMD’s since we had a good idea that Adidas would be the only ones releasing and thus we could not get the item to fulfill. This scenario is very very rare and has not occurred yet for pre orders we have done, but is possible and please be aware if this happens since we do not have control over how the brand chooses to release, you may end up subject to getting a full refund and order cancelled.
As listed in our store policies, there are NO returns on items. If we make an exception and allow the return (out our own digression and rarely), there will be a 20% restocking fee.
We strive our best to offer the best pre order prices and selection for our customers. We appreciate the business, and if you have any question please feel free to email zadehkicks@gmail.com

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