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This is the giveaway for those that do not qualify for the Union 4 Guava giveaway. You can ONLY enter 1 of the 2, NOT both.

Please Read ALL Below Prior to entering the $0.00 Free Purchase Giveaway. Those that do not EXACTLY follow will sadly be disqualified, so please follow.

This is a 100% free giveaway for Jordan Retro 11 25th Anniv Black Clear. You will get to select any size for free from 8-13 (excluding 12.5).

The winner will be selected late in the WEEK of October 19-23, 2020 and announced on Instagram. The winner will then get a $0.00 checkout link and they will ship as the for sale item does in that listed time after release (not sooner).


What you must do and terms to qualify:

1) Add a quantity of 1 to cart and checkout. Make sure when checking out your shipping address name includes YOUR INSTAGRAM USERNAME.This is very important and if is not you will be excluded from giveaway.

Example, you MUST format it like this

Shipping address:

First Name, Last Name, followed by Instagram handle (include the @)


City, State, Zip


Michael Zadeh @zadehkicks

1234 Enter Your Address Lane

Eugene, OR 97405

2) You must then go to our instagram @zadehkicks and find our ZKUNIONGUAVA4 / ZK25THBLACKXI post on 10/8/20. In your comment, make sure you comment the hashtag for the giveaway you select. For this one, ZK25THBLACKXI  and then TAG at least three people. You can tag to be eligible as few as Three, or more if you like. You MUST also LIKE the post. If you enter the max of 3 times with 3 different orders make sure you tag at least three people per order.

Two caveats are

1) the people you tag CANNOT be any of the same people you have tagged in any of our prior giveaways.

2) You must also comment why you want to win these (the drawing will be random but we still want to see why people want to win this shoe).

*note when we select a winner the winner must have had their IG handle in their shipping information and we will verify that they liked and tagged the post appropriately. They must have also tagged the appropriate amount of people and also have commented why they want to win these Jordans.


You can ONLY enter a MAX of THREE times (thus max of 3 orders with 1 quantity in each of them). No more. Anyone (household) caught with more entries and orders of this link will be disqualified. IMPT- if you have THREE orders, you must have tagged at least THREE different people.

Things we will check and verify that the selected winner did (and if not we will pick another)

-Purchased max of 1 quantity per order and max 3 orders.

-Included instagram handle the proper way in the order.

-Tagged at least one person per order (not the same person you have tagged in any of our prior orders) on the instagam post.

-Commented why you want to win these Jordan 11s.

-Liked the post and also follow us on instagram.

-Are subscribed to our email newsletter via the email provided to us when we notify you of winning.

GOOD Luck and stay safe