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Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 x Union LA Part 1 Main (NO Store Credit) - BONUS

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READ ALL***  (NO Store Credit...)

NO Bulk offered on this item. May change later (likely not) but for now only via bonus email. No bulk or private links of any kind.

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***Store Credit/Gift Cards are NOT allowed on this item sorry. Store credit can allow some customers to checkout extremely fast. This item is new and in very very high demand and we want some people to have an actual chance to cop at some point and also that would eat up all our quantity so others never get. Thus sorry this and the Travis Dunks are the only current item of all items and pre orders that we cannot allow any store credit to be used on. Please make sure you do NOT use store credit (gift cards) on this item or we will have to cancel unfortunately.


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Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 x Union LA Part 1 Main release **

Example placeholder pic only, look not known yet

**This is NOT for the Union exclusive colorway. This is for the wider release pair. Stay tuned if we can offer all.

Handling time:  PRE ORDER, ships apprx 3 plus weeks after release (ships July 2020 or later, not prior despite release)


Condition:   Brand new in box , 100% authentic