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RAFFLE ZKDIORRAFFLE - Jordan Retro 1 Dior High or Low (Must Read All Terms & Conditions)

Regular price $50.00

Tickets are finally sold out.


By purchasing a raffle ticket, you are agreeing to a 100% of our terms and conditions for this raffle.

Please Read ALL Below Prior to purchasing this non refundable raffle ticket. Very important  you read them all prior. All sales are final.

Max 2 entries per household. Again that is per household, not per person. So in theory one person may have two tickets, or only one if someone else in your household purchased one.

One raffle entry per order per time offered. Meaning you cannot have more than one entry on Saturdays quantity, and one on the next. That means if you say missed out on Saturdays, there would be no way for you to get 2 entries.

This is a RAFFLE for a 100% authentic new Jordan 1 Dior (either High or Low). You are not guaranteed a shoe and only 1 person will be randomly selected of the total 180 tickets available for purchase.

$50.00 per entry. 180 total entries allowed with max 2 entries per household.


The winner will be randomly selected within two weeks of the last raffle ticket being purchased.



The winner will be randomly selected and the video of the selection process will be shown on the @ZadehKicks Instagram page. By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to participate in that drawing process and your full name shown on the Instagram video. Your email nor any other information will be shown, but your full name on your raffle ticket order (which must match the name on your drivers license) will be visible to anyone whom watches the video. Please do NOT participate if you are not okay with this.

Those whom are eligible to participate must be ALL of the following...

-18 years old or older. You may not be under the age of 18.

-A resident of the United States of America. You do not have to be a citizen, but we will be asking for verification of your drivers license or US passport after if you are selected. The drivers license name MUST match the name on your raffle ticket as well as the shipping address must match that on your id as well. We will NOT ship these overseas or to any US shipping centers. Again, that means all those that participate must be a US resident with identification.

USA for this includes all 50 states and Puerto Rico. No other territories though.

-The winner must have put their Instagram handle in their order shipping details. If you do not have a valid Instagram account and handle you may not participate in this raffle. Make sure when you checkout, you put your Instagram handle in the address line 2 section after your address.

For example:

Michael Zadeh

1234 Enter Properly Lane


Eugene, OR 97402

If the winner whom is selected is found to have violated any of these rules, they will be disqualified, their $50 raffle ticket refunded, banned from the website, and the refunded raffle ticket resold and a new winner selected among all the 180 entries.

The valid winner whom is selected is able to pick 1 pair total. The one pair may be either a Jordan 1 High Dior or a Jordan 1 Low Dior.

Size you may select from are:

Jordan 1 Dior HIGH:

Jordan 1 Dior LOW:


Once we select a winner, you will be contacted via both email and Instagram DM. You will need to confirm back on BOTH of those communication methods.
After we will setup a time for a quick phone call to discuss the charity you choose for the $9000 to go to.


Yes, you get to choose where ALL of the proceeds from this raffle go to. With some limitations. Zadeh Kicks reserves the right to deny the charity you select for ethical reasons we hold dear. If we deny your choice, we will work with you to select another that we are comfortable with of your choice. Our goal is to have you choose one of your choice and find it unlikely that your first choice will not be okay. 


Once the charity of choice has been agreed upon by both parties, Zadeh Kicks will arrange the donation within 1 month from that time. If you win, as the winner you will receive confirmation and be copied on the legal donation documents to have proof of the donation and that it was made in full as you requested.


Once the charity has been agreed upon and all rules have been confirmed followed by the winner, we will ship the shoe and size you choose within one week of that date.
The shoe MUST ship to the address on the order that also matches your drivers license or passport provided.


Please note, anyone who is found after the drawing and did not win whom opens a claim or in any way tries to get a refund for their raffle ticket, and thus in our view stealing from charity will be shown publicly.

By purchasing a raffle ticket you legally agree to these rules and us showing your name and Instagram handle publicly for opening a claim and stealing from charity. You consent to us releasing your information in terms of IG handle and full name if you open a claim or seek a refund.


When all raffle tickets are redeemed, we will very soon after go through all 180 orders and refund any that are found to have violated the rules. Any refunded tickets will be restocked and the process completed again until all 180 purchased raffle tickets are valid entries.


You must checkout for a raffle ticket manually. NO BOTS allowed or automated checkouts. Anyone suspected of using a bot to checkout will have their order refunded and cancelled (and not allowed to repurchase a raffle ticket if available).

Anyone caught where we feel close to 100% confident a bot was used will be refunded, and also banned from our site permanently .


If you purchase a raffle ticket, and before the drawing is conducted request a refund, you will be granted a full refund but banned from the site permanently.

If you request a refund after the drawing is held, your refund request will be denied.


Again, you by purchasing a raffle ticket agree to all of these terms and conditions with on exceptions.



GOOD Luck and stay safe